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LEDS-C4 S.A. informs you that the access to and use of the web site www.leds-c4.us and all the sub-domains and directories included under the same, as well as the products or services which may be obtained across it, are subject to the terms that are detailed under this Terms of Use.

Therefore, if the considerations detailed in this Terms of Use are not to your suiting, we urge you not to use this web, considering that any use that is made of the same or the services included therein will imply the acceptance of the legal terms contained herein.


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In the same way, it is prohibited to decompile, dissemble, perform inverse engineering, subcontract or transmit in any way, translate or work on the computer programs required for the operation, access and use, via this web site, of the services contained in it. Under all circumstances, the web site user must refrain from deleting, altering, eluding or manipulating any of the protection devices or security systems that may be installed on this page.


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No link to any page or to an email address at www.leds-c4.us will be permitted, except by express authorization in writing by LEDS-C4 S.A.


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The contents of this web page are not sufficient for the user to make decisions on the services offered. The images shown may differ slightly from reality. Under no circumstances are the contents of this page to be understood to replace the necessary professional advice in each case, that is based on the knowledge and analysis of the circumstances in each particular case.

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The applicable law in the case of any dispute or conflict in the interpretation of these Terms of Use, as well as any question related to the products or services offered, will be Spanish law.

For the resolution of any conflict which may arise out of or relating these Terms of Use, LEDS-C4 and the User agree to submit themselves to the Judges and Courts of Spain, with the express relinquishment of any other legal authority.

LEDS-C4 S.A. reserves the right to take as much legal action as is legally available to demand that users are held responsible for not complying with any of the provisions outlined in these Terms of Use.